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Saturday - Sunday  12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Covid-19 Update 

To Enter The Building Location, Here Is Some Information For You

Things to know when coming to the building:

Masks are required- we have disposable masks if you forgot yours

Social distancing is required (6ft if you are not sure)

Please use the hand sanitizer that is available, or use your own.

Workshops are suspended until further notice.

I hope everyone understands that this is for your safety and ours and so we can continue to provide in person services.

The Mudutu Effect is a collaborative effort born from paranormal investigations, over 35 years of research and practice in the occult and metaphysical realm and building a network of like minded individuals.

Our goal is:

Not only explore theories, but to test them.

Build on centuries of research to develop into modern times.

Continue to Nourish an open communication system of learning without prejudices and fear holding us back




Thank you for the visit.

Whether you agree or disagree with the topics here, or what / how we do things is your own view and we respect that. All we ask is that you act respectful and have an open mind. 


Points of interest

P.A.S.T. Episodes


Here you can watch previous P.A.S.T. episodes that were aired on Access 7

Mudutu Effect Videos


Location of the videos for the Mudutu Effect.

These videos explain more in depth the theories and views of how paranormal investigations are approached.

In addition, the videos explore theories for practitioners of varied paths.