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What is the Mudutu Effect?

The Mudutu Effect is a "concept" rather than an item or thing. "Mudutu" means knowledge and as we begin to ask questions, we often find answers. The end result.... We ask more questions. You see, as we find one door, we are always looking for another to explore.

Are you a religion or the like?

We are all representatives from various walks of life. We each define our own path and bring a variety set of skills to better the overall exploration.

Is this one of those "clubs" I need to pay to join?

There is no "joining", however if you walk away and ask "What if?" then basically that is the Mudutu Effect.  We do get together and work for a common goal but it is strictly volunteer and sorry, no membership fees or a fancy card. We are a group of individuals striving to find our own individual answers and realize that each of us hold a piece of the puzzle to someone else's questions.


What is the symbol that is on all the logos and titles?

It is a sigil design that I came up with (around 2013 or 2012- Can't remember) to repesent manifesting thoughts. The triangle is the symbol for manifesting alone, but the scripted sigil in the centre is " we are grounded in the physical universe our actions and thought are part of multiple worlds, and through this they are manifested back into the physical... Walk all worlds and you can change your universe...".