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Founding History

Matthew Lay started this concept back in the late 80's with a view of practitioners sharing information. Back then the information sharing was a bit more challenging but as time and technology evolved, we were able to communicate more.

Having started in the city of Mobile, Alabama there were more challenges than just communication. During this time and location, people were not as accepting to "individual expression" as they are now, not to mention the geographic location.

Later Matthew moved to Georgia (outside of Atlanta) around 1989/1990, in hopes to experience a more diverse culture. He was already conducting seminars there and felt it was need for the change. To his dismay, he discovered  that it is still the South. Practitioners were still hunted by hate groups and ridiculed by media and local churches (sometimes violently). He continued meeting with groups and tried to educate the general public, despite some of the adversity that developed.

In order to broaden his skills Matthew joined the USAF/ANG and got further education in technology through Combat Communications. Inadvertently through various scenarios became the Pagan Liason for a few bases, and gave the pagans on military bases a voice  by educating military officials and finding solutions that met the requirements of the UCMJ.

Matthew started performing music as a form of relationship of energy exchange. As he toured, meeting various paths and people he began to notice the relationship of frequencies and the ritualistic nature he was performing on stage.

Gathering of various paths in the practiioner culture started to evolve with the hopes of developing better skills through testing. At the time, the technology was VERY limited.


Welcome to the Now

Matthew Lay resides in Saskatchewan, Canada and is part of the P.A.S.T. (Paranormal And Supernatural Team) and conducts lectures based on experiences and theories. Aside from this he has started to utilize modern technology and his military training to come up with new devices to test his theories. Since his views are a mixture of traditional occult / metaphysical and modern technology, the team has nicknamed him "The Wizard" or the "TechnoMage".

Due to the more embracing and open minded society we live in, Matthew has started to utilize the paranormal investigations to test his theories. While doing this he found out he is not alone in his views.

Currently we are eleven strong and growing. This ranges from support, practitioners from varied paths, and active opened minded people to help.

There are those that mock the efforts in doing these tests, but this just drives this group even harder to further educate and find answers. We will never profess to say "we are right", because ultimately it is your decision to believe or not.