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All too often as researchers in this type of field forget we are investigators as well. What I mean is that we get focused of the effect and not the cause. Listed below are some of the theories we are currently exploring.

Time- Testing in progress

1. The perception of time is skewed while in a state where the physical senses are subject to altered states. Is the subconscious building it's own timeline based on the perception of the formula constant or is time actually being affected on the physical plane?


2. Since the formula for determining time is based on the physical plane, the other planes of existence must have their own to explore. Based on this principle, the view of time is skewed as what we perceive as to be accurate measurement when we get information whether it be astral, spiritual, multidimensional, etc.

Timing- Testing In Progress

There is an assumption that (as mentioned before) that time is a constant throughout all universes and planes of exisistence. This also applies to timing of the communication received. Since all data and waveforms are based off of timing, would it be possible that information received could be distorted since we do not know the timing sequence to better understand the communication?

Visual Information- Testing in progress

Standard cameras record at 29.97 FPS and the monitors used (standard) have a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. Since a Frame per second is equal to one hertz and the average human sees between 30 to 60 FPS, is there information being lost? 

The authors of a 2014 study out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  found that the brain can process an image that your eye sees for only 13 milliseconds 

That’s especially rapid, when compared with the accepted 100 milliseconds that appears in earlier studies. Thirteen milliseconds, translate into about 75 frames per second.

So does personal accounts outweigh findings with standard camera equipment?

Physical Perceptions- Pending Equipment Development

1. The view of an object (shadow figure, ghost, UFO, etc) is based off of what we physically see with our eyes, and recording devices are based off of that same reference. With this being said, how can we truly determine the size, distance, and overall make-up of the object we are viewing? The formulas that we have are missing parts of the equation as we do not know the source (origination), especially in UFOlogy and multidimensional theories.


Projected Thought- Testing in process

For centuries it is documented that projected thought or projected will is accomplished for either communication or to cause change. Due to the fact it has been documented for many centuries and governments have done research on this, we want to know the carrier wave or frequencies that are being transmitted as either an individual or the group to better enhance the capabilities.