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  •   There's probably a zillion ways to make a blanket fort (ask any kid), but when you're an adult it becomes more than a house within a house, it becomes a romantic […]
  •  These look cool, especially if the bottles or vases have water in them and food coloring to make the stick less obvious to view. Be sure the doll heads have no […]
  •   Like millions of other Halloween-loving folks, the minute the Spirit Halloween shops around me open, I plan an all-day spookfest. In a Ferris Bueller kinda way, I mosey over to marvel, try on, […]
  • Doll Island in Mexico. It's one of the most spooky-looking places that gives chills and thrills. There's something about dolls that inherently fascinates and bothers us. Use that to your advantage […]
  •  Every now and then I explore new options in video content offered on YouTube. Recently, with the rainy weather and daydreaming about autumn and Halloween, I started poking around only to […]
  • Yeah, it's early August but ALL Halloween lovers are already chomping at the bit for hot cocoa, chilly nights, the smell of wood smoke, and shorter days leading to – HALLOWEEN!!!🎃🎃🎃I'm […]