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Occult sciences/paranormal/supernatural

  •   Christmas OrnamentFor those who love the unexplained, the paranormal, and the legendary, there are some pretty sweet ornaments out there to express it! Here's just some – BumbleScooby Doo Mystery MachineX-FilesUFO/ALIENDisney Haunted […]
  •  There is something about the concept of a monster that comes to life in the snow that fascinates. Winter being a vulnerable time of being snowbound and having icy roads, escape […]
  • "Trollhunter" Ever wonder why so many indigenous people around the world relate giants to stone? Key megalithic structures around the world have given us the first sample of ancient cultures, amazing feats, […]
  •  Reptoids, Reptilian, Lizard People – no matter what you prefer to call them, such a race of creatures have been spoken about for centuries. Did they exist? Do they still exist? Somewhat like the ancient giants […]
  •  My father came to America from Norway in the 1920s. They changed their last name from Thorvaldsen to Day to be more "American." But, my father kept his fond memories of […]
  •  UFO chasers, ghost hunters, Bigfoot trackers, horror-loving, psychic skilled, ancient aliens fans – there's a gift for any para geek in your life.Here's some fun suggestions for helping them express their […]