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Occult sciences/paranormal/supernatural

  •  There's something about retracing childhood steps. As a kid growing up, we visited mom's family in the hills of SE West Virginia a few times a year. I looked forward to […]
  •    Let's continue our journey investigating the giants of the Native People of the North. Today, we are going to talk about the Inuits of Canada and Alaska region.Not only did […]
  •  Sometimes, your gut instinct leads you to "coincidences" that make you question the nature of knowledge and the invisible world of consciousness -About 15 years ago, my son was studying art […]
  •  Kryder Exploration caught my eye.  This needs to be on all researcher's radar! Their expertise is research and recovery equipment. They offer amazing equipment, but also services involving treasure, lost ancient cultures, […]
  •  It's been a while since I've been on a podcast, but life got very busy since I sold my home. I am excited to talk paranormal subjects again! Although I am still […]
  •  There's a lot of speculation about the 1909 Phoenix Gazette paper describing an unusual apparently Egyptian-looking cavern (LINK) filled with relics and mummies from very long ago. Many use the article […]