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Occult sciences/paranormal/supernatural

  • G'bye summer. Hello Halloween Month!Why not take the day off – make it a blanket day? FURRY BLANKETHere's my woobie (above). I love this so much! Oh my gosh! One side is […]
  •     When I was a child and our librarian during reading corner time read us Washington Irving's tale of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," I was perpetually in Halloween in my mind. It […]
  •    For those who aren't into slasher gore and shock factor, but enjoy the dark, atmospheric, storytelling of a good gothic horror movie, I have a list for you! Sit back and […]
  •    It's hard to justify staying indoors when October weather comes. We are so fried from the summer and seeking the deep shadows and chill air of evenings outdoors.And October doesn't just […]
  •  The 1970s gave us gas shortages, a hostage situation, a recession, and some great rock and roll. It also gave us serial killers up the wazoo. Here's just some -DB Cooper: In […]
  •   Happy Birthday to Cassandra Peterson, aka "Elvira." We girls share the same birthday. Elvira and I share many things in common. We are both fairly tall (she's 5'7" and I'm 5'8"), both […]