About us

The Mudutu Effect is more of an idea rather than a physical organization. The word Mudutu means “Knowledge”. We are ever seeking knowledge through the hopes of creating an atmosphere where all feel welcomed. It is through this we encourage open respectful communication while celebrating our own individuality, which leads to an exchange of knowledge, no matter what path you follow.

The Mudutu Effect also is multifunctional and is ever so intertwined within itself.

The Mudutu University

This is not an accredited university, but rather an idea or state of learning. This represent the seeking and exchange of knowledge in a respectful environment, without fear or prejudices. Our workshops are often reflected within this realm.

The Mudutu Shoppe

This is a brick and mortar shop, but so much more! Here, we manufacture our own products such as, candles, incense, silver and pewter jewelry, oils, soaps, Bath salts and bombs and resin casted products. Our manufacturing facility is designed for customization and high volumes.

The shop also carries unique and common items from crafters and large retailers.

Cosmos Astrum Radio

In the spirit of open communication, inspiration and manifesting, Cosmos Astrum Radio reaches out across the World via an internet radio station that plays music 24/7. With multiple broadcasters and with independent shows, show you their talents and hopefully inspire.


The SOTG is a group of individuals that look at possibilities. This group is composed of teachers, programmers, occultists, doctors, and physicists. This was born out of paranormal investigations and is dedicated to finding data and the truth rather than walking around in the dark looking at blinky lights. Television shows and other “so called” paranormal teams have sensationalized the unknown through profitable entertainment practices.