About us

The Mudutu Effect embodies a concept more than a concrete entity, with “Mudutu” translating to “Knowledge.” Our core mission is to continuously pursue knowledge, aiming to foster a welcoming environment for everyone. We promote open and respectful dialogue, celebrating individuality as a catalyst for knowledge exchange. This inclusive approach encourages learning and sharing across diverse paths, enriching our collective understanding and experience.

137 Main Street

Milestone, SK S0G 3L0


The Mudutu Effect also is multifunctional and is ever so intertwined within itself.

The Mudutu University

We are not an accredited university; instead, we embody a concept or state of learning. We represent the pursuit and exchange of knowledge in a respectful and inclusive environment, free from fear and prejudice. This ethos is mirrored in our workshops, where ideas flourish and diverse perspectives are welcomed.

The Mudutu Effect Creations

Following the closure of our physical store, we transitioned to focusing on producing goods for other retailers. This shift has proven advantageous, enhancing both our customer satisfaction and the development of our diverse product range, including incense, candles, resin, and jewelry. Among these, our incense products stand out as a customer favorite. They are crafted without the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring a longer and purer burn, which continues to garner appreciation from our users.

Cosmos Astrum Radio

Cosmos Astrum Radio embodies the principles of open communication, inspiration, and manifestation. Broadcasting worldwide, our internet radio station delivers music around the clock. Featuring a diverse lineup of broadcasters and unique, independent shows, we aim to showcase exceptional talent and inspire our listeners every day.


The SOTG comprises a diverse team of teachers, programmers, occultists, doctors, and physicists, united by a shared commitment to exploring the unknown. Originating from paranormal investigations, our group prioritizes the pursuit of data and truth over the theatrics often seen in television shows and some paranormal teams. We aim to demystify the sensationalism surrounding the paranormal by focusing on meaningful and genuine inquiry rather than merely chasing fleeting entertainment.

Black Phillip Productions

Independent music artists have the chance to gain exposure and build connections through our recording and production services. We are committed to supporting artists who share Mudutu Effects’ values of inclusivity and positivity, free from hate, prejudice, and the use of fear as a control mechanism. This opportunity is ideal for musicians who align with these principles and are looking to elevate their careers.

Pagan Pride

Our annual Pagan Pride Event, held each September, provides a welcoming environment for diverse individuals. Historically, the label “Pagan” was used to describe those who deviated from societal norms. Today, we embrace it proudly, celebrating the uniqueness and richness of our community.

This event is a vibrant collection of activities and learning opportunities, including enlightening lectures, captivating live music and performances, and lively dance parties. Additionally, an array of vendors offer unique items and delicious food. More than just a gathering, it’s an educational experience that dispels myths and broadens perspectives, fostering a deeper understanding and respect among all attendees.